Connecting design time to actual implementation captured by information managers as operational metadata for your enterprise landscape
Access to all metadata
Features an end-to-end view
Improved collaboration between data modelers and data stewards
Easy access to data quality rules and domains
Opportunity to implement validation rules
Complete solution to ensure dependability of enterprise data assets
Data discovery to help profile, visualize, and understand data
Data integration and replication to help access, move, and load data sources
Full flexibility helps allocate cores across most included products
Real-time database replication for securely moving and synchronizing data
Real-time updates from non-SAP systems to any database
Real-time access to information from SAP and non-SAP sources
Integrated application development platform
In-memory database
Predictive analysis
Text analysis
Geospatial processing

Event stream processing

Build confidence in your data:

Data that is secure and trusted is essential in today’s world. IBM data integration software solutions can deliver clean, consistent and timely information for your big data projects, applications and machine learning.

Govern data in real time:

Flexible and real-time data governance is needed 24×7. The IBM data integration platform massive parallel processing capabilities help manage, improve and leverage information to drive results and reduce cost and risk of consolidation.

Consolidate and retire applications:

Multiple, disconnected systems or an outdated application infrastructure can negatively impact business and increase costs. IBM data integration software solutions automate manual processes, thereby improving the customer experience and business process execution.

Business challenge:

Aiming to double the value of its real estate portfolio in five years, it should decision-makers need timely, accurate insight into portfolio data scattered across many disparate source systems.


Company is working with IBM to create an advanced, cognitive-ready analytics platform, delivering a single, trusted source of enterprise data that the company can harness to optimize decision-making.



reporting processes, freeing up time for value-added activities


trust in data and analytics, helping the business make informed decisions, faster


Identify opportunities to optimize asset yields and drive business growth